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For wrought iron railings, we offer an infinite number of design options, more than 60 painting options. There is even blue paint.

We carry out a clean installation of forged railings, install metal, brass, wooden or marble handrails.

We can offer individual development of the project, and forging railings for your project.

When working on your railing, the patented precision casting technology will be applied. For external fencing, galvanizing is used. The stairs can be decorated with Acanthus leaves.

90% of each product is hand-forged by blacksmiths - winners of many international blacksmith art contests.

Our forged railing is the result of creative creation, the successful implementation of which requires considerable experience and a refined artistic taste of the masters, with 25 years of experience.

Thanks to the constant self-improvement and painstaking work of the professionals at the Grilan blacksmith workshop, each of our stairs, each railing we created is a work of art created in a single copy.

Given that the railing must withstand a large load, for their manufacture we use the strongest and most reliable metals: forged metal, stainless steel, brass and bronze.

Handrails are made to order. The thickness of the metal depends on the size of the finished product. The master leaves for measurements only after signing the contract.

All our products have a 12 year warranty.

Delivery in Ukraine is free. Installation of forged stairs - by agreement.

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