About us

Art forging is a true art that turns cold and coarse metal into beautiful and elegant products.  This type of activity is not just another trend of fashion.  For many centuries, elegant wrought iron interior and exterior items are always relevant classics.

 Workshop of art forging «Grilana» offers customers a wide range of forged products at affordable prices for home, garden, parks, squares, landscapes and playgrounds.  We will be happy to produce products according to standard and individual sketches in various styles, such as art deco, loft, provence, classicism, gothic, modern, baroque, rococo, empire, etc.  Our experienced craftsmen can perform the elements and designs of any complexity, and realize the most interesting ideas. The works of our masters can be viewed in our gallery.

The Grilana art forging workshop uses three-stage galvanizing: sandblasting, chemical treatment, high-temperature galvanizing. Such galvanizing is used in Europe.

 In the manufacture of forged products for any purpose, there is a whole team of specialists - engineers, designers, blacksmiths.  Our company has an experienced staff that guarantees consistently high quality products in accordance with established standards.  In addition, in the production process, the Grilana workshop uses not only proven equipment for centuries, but also modern machines and tools for more efficient and accurate work.

 What do we offer?

 Interior  we are engaged in the manufacture of fireplaces and fireplace accessories, floor stands for flowers, mirrors, hangers for clothes, candlesticks, railings and stairs of all kinds, chandeliers and lamps.  The furniture for the house is presented in the catalog by graceful shelves, shelves, racks, beds, sofas and couches.

 Exterior  benches and benches, tables, chairs, gazebos, fences, gates, lawn fences, lanterns, swings, canopies and awnings, street doors, etc.

 Ritual products - cross, fences, candlesticks, canopies and more.

 Our advantaes

  • 100 years of traditions of artistic forging;
  • A large variety of standard sketches and production according to individual drawings;
  • Only the best quality forged products at affordable prices;
  • Large color gamut;
  • Orders of any volumes and in short deadlines;
  • Professional and friendly ordering from call to installation;
  • 12 years warranty on products;
  • 20 years we work all over Ukraine and beyond its borders.

 No one denies that the art of forging – the hardest craft, based on manual labor.  Work requires special professional skills, super-accuracy and accuracy.  The invaluable experience of our masters allows us to undertake the execution of orders of any complexity.  We do not see any obstacles to the realization of any wishes of the client.

 In order to order forged products, please contact us by phone or address from the Contacts section.  In case of difficulties with the choice of a sketch of the future design, experts will help you with professional and free advice.